vendredi 11 mars 2011

un article sur le blog "I heart Paris"

Pink from wall-to-wall, the barbie-esque world of Cupcakerie Chloe.S provides a welcome contrast to the all together less innocent girly world of the surrounding sex shops and hostess bars south of Pigalle, Paris' red light district. At Chloe's, freshly made cupcakes (made in the very pink kitchen at the back of the shop) are displayed on the pink counter under glass domes, and the delicious flavours, which change daily depending on what's seasonal and the inspiration of the chef, can be savoured in the wholesome setting at the cute 50s style tables, accompanied by a kusmi tea, a smoothie or a coffee.

Owner Chloe Saada, a graphic designer and photographer by trade, shows off her aesthetic prowess not only in the fabulously kitsch setting of the cupcakerie itself but also in the beautifully presented cupcakes, with elaborate and charming garnishes, often including cute touches such as glitter, children's sweets or fruit.

But the proof is in the pudding, and in a city which has only recently discovered the calorific delight of cupcakes, Chloe's cupcakes are the best we've found: fresh, flavoursome, innovative and not too heavy. The menu also features savoury cupcakes and there is a brunch menu on the weekend. We sampled a smoked salmon and Philadelphia bagel which was just as delicious as the cupcakes, and just as beautifully served.

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